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(1939) The Wizard of Oz family
(1941) Citizen Kane historical drama
(1946) It's a Wonderful Life family
(1951) The Day the Earth Stood Still science fiction, alien
(1954) Them! science fiction, survival horror
(1959) House on Haunted Hill horror
(1961) Yojimbo samurai western
(1962) Cape Fear stalker, survival horror
(1962) Dr. No spy
(1963) From Russia with Love(sequel) spy
(1963) McLintock! western, marriage
(1964) Goldfinger(sequel) spy
(1964) The Flesh Eaters science fiction, survival horror
(1967) The Taming of the Shrew shakespeare play
(1968) Night of the Living Dead zombie
(1968) Planet of the Apes science fiction, alien
(1969) True Grit western, fugitive
(1970) Colossus: The Forbin Project science fiction, survival horror
(1971) Dirty Harry cop thriller
(1971) The Andromeda Strain science fiction, medical mystery
(1971) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory family
(1972) Jeremiah Johnson western, mountain man
(1972) The Godfather gangster drama
(1973) Enter the Dragon martial arts
(1973) F for Fake documentary: art forgery
(1974) Blazing Saddles parody: westerns
(1974) Young Frankenstein parody: classic Frankenstein movie
(1974) Zardoz science fiction, post-apocalyptic
(1975) Jaws survival horror
(1975) Monty Python and the Holy Grail parody: medieval Europe and the legends of King Arthur
(1975) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest insane asylum drama
(1976) Carrie horror
(1976) Logan's Run science fiction, post-apocalyptic
(1976) Taxi Driver historical drama
(1977) Star Wars family, science fiction
(1978) Animal House college comedy
(1978) Superman comic book superhero
(1979) Alien science fiction, alien
(1979) Apocalypse Now Vietnam War drama
(1979) Star Trek: The Motion Picture(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1980) Airplane! parody: current events
(1980) Caddyshack parody: golf
(1980) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back(sequel) family, science fiction
(1980) The Shining horror
(1981) Escape from New York science fiction, dystopia
(1981) Raiders of the Lost Ark fantasy, superhero
(1982) Blade Runner science fiction, dystopia
(1982) E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial science fiction, alien
(1982) First Blood Vietnam War drama
(1982) Poltergeist horror
(1982) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1982) The Thing science fiction, alien
(1983) Never Say Never Again(remake) spy
(1983) Star Wars: Return of the Jedi(sequel) family, science fiction
(1983) Superman III(sequel) comic book superhero
(1983) Trading Places comedy
(1983) Uncommon Valor Vietnam War drama
(1983) WarGames family
(1984) 2010: The Year We Make Contact(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1984) Beverly Hills Cop cop comedy
(1984) Conan the Destroyer(sequel) fantasy, superhero
(1984) Dune science fiction, dystopia
(1984) Ghostbusters science fiction, comedy
(1984) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom(sequel) fantasy, superhero
(1984) Runaway science fiction, cop thriller
(1984) The Karate Kid family
(1984) The Neverending Story family
(1984) The Terminator science fiction, time travel
(1984) Star Trek III: The Search for Spock(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1985) Back to the Future science fiction, time travel
(1985) Commando hostage
(1985) Rambo: First Blood Part II(sequel) Vietnam War drama
(1985) Ladyhawke fantasy, forbidden romance
(1985) Rocky IV(sequel) sports, Cold War drama
(1985) Silverado western, revenge
(1986) Aliens(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1986) Highlander fantasy, superhero
(1986) Labyrinth family
(1986) Poltergeist II: The Other Side(sequel) horror
(1986) Short Circuit family
(1986) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1986) The Fly (remake) science fiction, survival horror
(1986) The Karate Kid: Part II(sequel) family
(1986) The Money Pit marriage comedy
(1986) Top Gun Cold War drama
(1987) Batteries Not Included family
(1987) Full Metal Jacket Vietnam War drama
(1987) Harry and the Hendersons family
(1987) Lethal Weapon cop thriller
(1987) Overboard romantic comedy
(1987) Predator science fiction, alien
(1987) RoboCop science fiction, superhero
(1987) Spaceballs parody: science fiction
(1987) The Living Daylights(sequel) spy
(1987) The Princess Bride fantasy, forbidden romance
(1987) The Running Man science fiction, dystopia
(1987) The Untouchables biopic: cops versus gangsters
(1987) Three Men and a Baby family
(1988) A Cry in the Dark biopic: murder mystery
(1988) Beetlejuice comedic horror
(1988) Bloodsport martial arts
(1988) Coming to America romantic comedy
(1988) Die Hard hostage, romance
(1988) Ernest Saves Christmas family
(1988) Rain Man
(1988) Rambo III(sequel) Cold War drama
(1988) Scrooged Christmas comedy
(1988) She's Having a Baby marriage drama
(1988) Short Circuit 2(sequel) family
(1988) They Live science fiction, alien
(1988) Twins comedy
(1988) Who Framed Roger Rabbit family
(1988) Willow family
(1988) Young Guns biopic: western outlaws
(1989) Back to the Future: Part II(sequel) science fiction, time travel
(1989) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure science fiction, time travel
(1989) Batman comic book superhero
(1989) Ghostbusters II(sequel) science fiction, comedy
(1989) Honey, I Shrunk the Kids family
(1989) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade(sequel) fantasy, superhero
(1989) Kickboxer martial arts
(1989) License to Kill(sequel) spy
(1989) Look Who's Talking romantic comedy
(1989) Pet Sematary horror
(1989) Tango & Cash cop comedy
(1989) The Abyss science fiction, survival horror
(1989) The Fly II(sequel) science fiction, survival horror
(1989) The Karate Kid: Part III(sequel) family
(1989) The Punisher comic book superhero
(1989) The War of the Roses marriage: divorce
(1989) Turner & Hooch pet comedy
(1990) Another 48 Hrs.(sequel) cop comedy
(1990) Arachnophobia science fiction, survival horror
(1990) Back to the Future: Part III(sequel) science fiction, time travel
(1990) Dances with Wolves Civil War drama
(1990) Darkman science fiction, superhero
(1990) Days of Thunder sports drama
(1990) Dick Tracy comic book superhero
(1990) Die Hard 2(sequel) hostage
(1990) Edward Scissorhands science fiction, forbidden romance
(1990) Goodfellas biopic: gangsters
(1990) Hard to Kill martial arts
(1990) Home Alone family
(1990) Joe versus the Volcano romantic comedy
(1990) Kindergarten Cop cop comedy
(1990) Miller's Crossing gangster drama
(1990) Misery psychological thriller
(1990) Mr. Destiny fantasy, comedy
(1990) Quigley Down Under western, revenge
(1990) Predator 2(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1990) Pretty Woman romantic comedy
(1990) RoboCop 2(sequel) science fiction, superhero
(1990) The Hunt for Red October Cold War drama
(1990) Three Men and a Little Lady(sequel) family
(1990) Total Recall science fiction, dystopia
(1990) Tremors comedic horror
(1990) Young Guns II(sequel) biopic: western outlaws
(1991) Backdraft firefighter drama
(1991) Doc Hollywood romantic comedy
(1991) Highlander II: The Quickening(sequel) fantasy, superhero
(1991) Hook (sequel) fantasy
(1991) Hot Shots! parody: action movies
(1991) Point Break cop thriller
(1991) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves(live-action remake) historical drama, superhero
(1991) Sleeping with the Enemy marriage: abuse
(1991) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1991) Terminator 2: Judgement Day(sequel) science fiction, time travel
(1991) The Addams Family family
(1991) The Last Boy Scout sports drama, murder mystery
(1991) The Silence of the Lambs serial killer
(1991) What About Bob? screwball comedy
(1992) A Few Good Men military drama, murder mystery
(1992) A League of Their Own biopic: sports
(1992) Alien 3(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1992) Basic Instinct murder mystery, psychological thriller
(1992) Batman Returns(sequel) comic book superhero
(1992) Beethoven family
(1992) Bram Stoker's Dracula horror
(1992) Buffy the Vampire Slayer fantasy, superhero
(1992) Fortress science fiction, dystopia
(1992) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York(sequel) family
(1992) Honey, I Blew up the Kid(sequel) family
(1992) Medicine Man medical mystery
(1992) Passenger 57 hostage
(1992) Patriot Games(sequel) terrorism
(1992) Reservoir Dogs heist
(1992) Scent of a Woman physical handicap drama
(1992) Sister Act comedy, witness protection
(1992) Stay Tuned comedic horror
(1992) The Distinguished Gentleman political comedy
(1992) The Lawnmower Man science fiction, survival horror
(1992) The Mighty Ducks family
(1992) Unforgiven western, revenge
(1992) Universal Soldier science fiction, superhero
(1992) Wayne's World screwball comedy
(1993) Addams Family Values(sequel) fantasy, dark comedy
(1993) Beethoven's 2nd(sequel) family
(1993) Cliffhanger hostage
(1993) Cool Runnings sports, inspirational
(1993) Dave political comedy, romantic comedy
(1993) Demolition Man science fiction, dystopia
(1993) Dennis the Menace family
(1993) Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story biopic: martial arts
(1993) Free Willy family
(1993) Groundhog Day fantasy, screwball comedy
(1993) Hard Target martial arts
(1993) Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey family
(1993) Hot Shots! Part Deux(sequel) parody: action movies
(1993) Jurassic Park science fiction, survival horror
(1993) Last Action Hero fantasy, superhero
(1993) Needful Things horror
(1993) Rising Sun murder mystery
(1993) RoboCop 3(sequel) science fiction, superhero
(1993) Rudy biopic: sports
(1993) Schindler's List biopic: The Holocaust
(1993) Striking Distance murder mystery
(1993) The Firm legal thriller
(1993) The Fugitive fugitive
(1993) The Nightmare Before Christmas family
(1993) The Pelican Brief legal thriller
(1993) The Three Musketeers comedy, historical drama
(1993) Tombstone biopic: western lawmen versus outlaws
(1993) Wayne's World 2(sequel) screwball comedy
(1994) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective screwball comedy
(1994) Angels in the Outfield family
(1994) Blankman parody: Batman
(1994) Cobb biopic: sports
(1994) Color of Night murder mystery, psychological thriller
(1994) D2: The Mighty Ducks(sequel) family
(1994) Disclosure legal thriller
(1994) Forrest Gump mental handicap drama
(1994) Guarding Tess political comedy
(1994) Mary Shelley's Frankenstein science fiction, survival horror
(1994) On Deadly Ground martial arts
(1994) Pulp Fiction historical drama
(1994) Renaissance Man military comedy, inspirational
(1994) Serial Mom serial killer, dark comedy
(1994) Speed hostage
(1994) Stargate science fiction, alien
(1994) Star Trek: Generations(sequel) science fiction
(1994) Street Fighter video game
(1994) The Chase fugitive, screwball comedy
(1994) The Client legal thriller
(1994) The Mask fantasy, superhero
(1994) The Professional assassin
(1994) The Santa Clause family
(1994) The Shadow fantasy, superhero
(1994) The Shawshank Redemption prison drama, inspirational
(1994) The Specialist assassin
(1994) True Lies spy, screwball comedy
(1994) Wyatt Earp biopic: western lawman
(1995) 12 Monkeys science fiction, time travel
(1995) Apollo 13 biopic: space exploration
(1995) Babe family
(1995) Bad Boys cop thriller
(1995) Batman Forever(sequel) comic book superhero
(1995) Braveheart biopic: folk hero
(1995) Casper family
(1995) Clueless teen comedy
(1995) Congo science fiction, survival horror
(1995) Crimson Tide Cold War drama
(1995) Dangerous Minds teen drama
(1995) Desperado revenge
(1995) Dolores Claiborne psychological thriller
(1995) Dracula: Dead and Loving It parody: Bram Stoker's Dracula
(1995) GoldenEye(sequel) spy
(1995) Houseguest family
(1995) Johnny Mnemonic science fiction, dystopia
(1995) Judge Dredd comic book superhero
(1995) Jumanji fantasy, screwball comedy
(1995) Mortal Kombat video game
(1995) Nixon biopic: American President
(1995) Outbreak medical mystery, pandemic
(1995) Rob Roy biopic: folk hero
(1995) Rumble in the Bronx martial arts
(1995) Screamers science fiction, survival horror
(1995) The American President political drama, forbidden romance
(1995) The Net technological thriller
(1995) The Quick and the Dead western, revenge
(1995) The Usual Suspects
(1995) Tommy Boy screwball comedy
(1995) Toy Story family
(1995) Village of the Damned science fiction, survival horror
(1995) Waterworld science fiction, post-apocalytic
(1996) Black Sheep screwball comedy
(1996) Broken Arrow military thriller
(1996) Chain Reaction science fiction, survival horror
(1996) Daylight natural disaster
(1996) Down Periscope military comedy, screwball comedy
(1996) Dragonheart fantasy, superhero
(1996) Eraser witness protection
(1996) Escape from L.A.(sequel) science fiction, dystopia
(1996) Extreme Measures medical mystery
(1996) From Dusk Till Dawn comedic horror
(1996) Hamlet shakespeare play
(1996) Happy Gilmore sports, screwball comedy
(1996) Independence Day science fiction, alien
(1996) Last Man Standing(remake) gangster drama
(1996) Mars Attacks! parody: Independence Day
(1996) Mission: Impossible spy
(1996) Phenomenon science fiction, medical mystery
(1996) Ransom kidnapping
(1996) Romeo + Juliet shakespeare play
(1996) Scream tribute to slasher genre
(1996) Space Jam family, fantasy, sports
(1996) Star Trek: First Contact(sequel) science fiction
(1996) The Craft horror
(1996) The Crucible historical drama
(1996) The Ghost and the Darkness historical drama
(1996) The Rock hostage
(1996) Tremors 2: Aftershocks(sequel) comedic horror
(1996) Twister natural disaster
(1997) Absolute Power political thriller
(1997) Air Force One hostage
(1997) Alien: Resurrection(sequel) science fiction, alien
(1997) Amistad biopic: slavery
(1997) As Good as It Gets forbidden romance, dark comedy
(1997) Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery parody: James Bond movies
(1997) Batman and Robin(sequel) comic book superhero
(1997) Boogie Nights historical drama
(1997) Breakdown hostage
(1997) Con Air hostage
(1997) Conspiracy Theory political thriller
(1997) Contact science fiction, alien
(1997) Cube science fiction, survival horror
(1997) Dante's Peak natural disaster
(1997) Donnie Brasco biopic: undercover cop
(1997) Event Horizon science fiction, survival horror
(1997) Face/Off cop thriller
(1997) Fire Down Below martial arts
(1997) Fools Rush In romantic comedy
(1997) George of the Jungle romantic comedy
(1997) Good Will Hunting inspirational
(1997) Hoodlum biopic: gangsters
(1997) L.A. Confidential historical drama, cop drama
(1997) Liar Liar fantasy, screwball comedy
(1997) Men in Black comic book superhero
(1997) Mimic science fiction, survival horror
(1997) Murder at 1600 murder mystery
(1997) Spawn comic book superhero
(1997) Starship Troopers science fiction, alien
(1997) The Devil's Advocate horror
(1997) The Edge man versus nature
(1997) The Fifth Element comedic horror
(1997) The Game psychological thriller
(1997) The Lost World: Jurassic Park(sequel) science fiction, man versus nature
(1997) The Peacemaker terrorism
(1997) The Postman science fiction, post-apocalyptic
(1997) The Saint science fiction, superhero
(1997) Tomorrow Never Dies(sequel) spy
(1997) Volcano natural disaster
(1998) Armageddon natural disaster
(1998) A Simple Plan psychological thriller
(1998) Blade comic book superhero
(1998) Deep Impact natural disaster
(1998) Dr. Dolittle fantasy, screwball comedy
(1998) Enemy of the State technological thriller, political thriller
(1998) Fallen serial killer
(1998) Lethal Weapon 4 martial arts
(1998) Lost in Space science fiction, space exploration
(1998) Mercury Rising political thriller
(1998) Mighty Joe Young family
(1998) Rush Hour martial arts
(1998) Saving Private Ryan World War II drama
(1998) Small Soldiers science fiction, dark comedy
(1998) Snake Eyes murder mystery
(1998) Soldier science fiction, dystopia
(1998) The Big Lebowski dark comedy
(1998) The Mask of Zorro historical drama, superhero
(1998) The Negotiator hostage
(1998) The Parent Trap (remake) family
(1998) The Siege terrorism
(1998) The Waterboy sports, screwball comedy
(1998) The Wedding Singer romantic comedy
(1998) U.S. Marshals(sequel) fugitive
(1998) Wild Things psychological thriller
(1999) 8mm murder mystery
(1999) American Pie raunchy comedy, teen comedy
(1999) Analyze This gangster comedy
(1999) Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me(sequel) parody: James Bond movies
(1999) Blast from the Past romantic comedy
(1999) Blue Streak heist, cop comedy
(1999) Bowfinger Hollywood comedy
(1999) Deep Blue Sea science fiction, survival horror
(1999) Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo raunchy comedy, screwball comedy
(1999) End of Days horror
(1999) Entrapment heist, forbidden romance
(1999) Eyes Wide Shut marriage: Adultery
(1999) Fight Club psychological thriller
(1999) Galaxy Quest parody: Star Trek
(1999) Office Space workplace comedy, screwball comedy
(1999) Payback revenge
(1999) Sleepy Hollow horror
(1999) Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace(prequel) science fiction
(1999) Sunshine Holocaust drama
(1999) The Blair Witch Project horror
(1999) The Bone Collector serial killer
(1999) The General's Daughter murder mystery
(1999) The Matrix science fiction, superhero
(1999) The Mummy comedic horror
(1999) The Sixth Sense horror
(1999) The Thomas Crown Affair heist, forbidden romance
(1999) The World is Not Enough(sequel) spy
(1999) Toy Story 2(sequel) family
(1999) Varsity Blues sports, teen drama
(2000) Cast Away man versus nature
(2000) Charlie's Angels screwball comedy, superhero
(2000) Gladiator(best movie ever made) revenge
(2000) Gone in 60 Seconds heist
(2000) Hollow Man science fiction, survival horror
(2000) Memento psychological thriller
(2000) Me, Myself, and Irene romantic comedy
(2000) Men of Honor biopic: civil rights
(2000) Mission: Impossible II(sequel) spy
(2000) Mission to Mars science fiction, space exploration
(2000) O Brother, Where Art Thou? historical drama, dark comedy
(2000) Pitch Black science fiction, survival horror
(2000) Red Planet science fiction, space exploration
(2000) Remember the Titans biopic: civil rights
(2000) Romeo Must Die martial arts
(2000) Snatch heist, screwball comedy
(2000) Space Cowboys space exploration, comedy
(2000) The 6th Day science fiction, survival horror
(2000) The Art of War spy
(2000) The Family Man romantic comedy
(2000) The Whole Nine Yards gangster comedy
(2000) Traffic historical drama
(2000) Unbreakable science fiction, superhero
(2000) What Women Want romantic comedy
(2000) X-Men comic book superhero
(2001) 15 Minutes serial killer
(2001) A Beautiful Mind biopic: Nobel laureate
(2001) A.I.: Artificial Intelligence science fiction, post-apocalyptic
(2001) A Knight's Tale romantic comedy
(2001) Ali biopic: sports
(2001) American Outlaws biopic: western outlaws
(2001) Behind Enemy Lines war drama: the Bosnian genocide
(2001) Birthday Girl forbidden romance, survival horror
(2001) Black Hawk Down biopic: military operation
(2001) Brotherhood of the Wolf fantasy, historical drama
(2001) Donnie Darko psychological thriller, dark comedy
(2001) Don't Say a Word hostage
(2001) Down to Earth romantic comedy
(2001) Enemy at the Gates biopic: World War II
(2001) Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within science fiction, post-apocalyptic
(2001) From Hell serial killer, historical drama
(2001) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone family
(2001) Impostor science fiction, fugitive
(2001) Joe Dirt romantic comedy
(2001) Joe Somebody romantic comedy
(2001) Kiss of the Dragon martial arts
(2001) K-Pax medical mystery
(2001) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider video game
(2001) Monsters, Inc. family
(2001) Not Another Teen Movie parody: teen comedies
(2001) Ocean's Eleven heist
(2001) Original Sin forbidden romance
(2001) Planet of the Apes(remake) science fiction, alien
(2001) Rush Hour 2(sequel) martial arts
(2001) Shrek parody: fairy tales, Disney movies, American pop culture
(2001) Super Troopers raunchy comedy, cop comedy
(2001) The Last Castle prison drama, military drama
(2001) The Majestic historical drama
(2001) The Mummy Returns(sequel) comedic horror
(2001) The One martial arts
(2001) The Others horror
(2001) The Tailor of Panama spy
(2001) Thir13en Ghosts horror
(2001) Training Day cop drama
(2001) Vanilla Sky psychological thriller, forbidden romance
(2002) 28 Days Later zombie
(2002) Austin Powers in Goldmember(sequel) parody: James Bond movies
(2002) Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever cop versus assassin
(2002) Big Trouble romantic comedy
(2002) Blade II(sequel) comic book superhero
(2002) Catch Me If You Can biopic: fugitive
(2002) Changing Lanes psychological thriller
(2002) Chicago historical drama, dark comedy
(2002) Collateral Damage terrorism
(2002) Death to Smoochy dark comedy, screwball comedy
(2002) Die Another Day(sequel) spy
(2002) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets(sequel) family
(2002) Ice Age family, science fiction, nature comedy
(2002) K-19: The Widowmaker biopic: Cold War
(2002) Minority Report science fiction, fugitive
(2002) Mr. Deeds romantic comedy
(2002) Murder by Numbers serial killer
(2002) Panic Room hostage
(2002) Phone Booth hostage
(2002) Red Dragon(prequel) serial killer
(2002) Reign of Fire science fiction, post-apocalyptic
(2002) Resident Evil video game
(2002) Road to Perdition historical drama
(2002) Rollerball (remake) science fiction, dystopia
(2002) S1m0ne science fiction, Hollywood comedy
(2002) Signs science fiction, alien
(2002) Spider-Man comic book superhero
(2002) Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones(prequel) science fiction
(2002) Sweet Home Alabama romantic comedy
(2002) The Bourne Identity assassin
(2002) The Count of Monte Cristo revenge
(2002) The Four Feathers historical drama
(2002) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers(sequel) fantasy
(2002) The Ring horror
(2002) The Santa Clause 2(sequel) family
(2002) The Scorpion King(prequel) comedic horror
(2002) The Time Machine science fiction, forbidden romance
(2002) Trapped hostage
(2002) Unfaithful marriage: Adultery
(2002) Van Wilder raunchy comedy, college comedy
(2002) We Were Soldiers biopic: Vietnam War
(2002) Windtalkers World War II drama
(2002) xXx spy
(2003) A Man Apart revenge
(2003) Anger Management romantic comedy
(2003) Bad Boys II(sequel) cop thriller
(2003) Basic murder mystery, psychological thriller
(2003) Bulletproof Monk martial arts
(2003) Cold Mountain Civil War drama
(2003) Dreamcatcher horror
(2003) Finding Nemo family
(2003) Freddy vs Jason (cross-over sequel) comedic horror
(2003) Identity horror
(2003) Kill Bill: Volume 1 revenge
(2003) Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World historical drama
(2003) Old School raunchy comedy, college comedy
(2003) Open Range western, revenge
(2003) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl comedic horror
(2003) S.W.A.T. cop thriller
(2003) Tears of the Sun historical drama
(2003) Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines(sequel) science fiction, time travel
(2003) The Hunted fugitive
(2003) The Italian Job (remake) heist
(2003) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic book superhero
(2003) The Matrix Reloaded(sequel) science fiction, superhero
(2003) Underworld(greatest romance ever made.) fantasy, superhero
(2003) View from the Top inspirational, comedy
(2003) X2: X-Men United(sequel) comic book superhero
(2004) Alien vs Predator (cross-over sequel, alien/predator) science fiction, alien
(2004) Dawn of the Dead (remake) zombie
(2004) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story raunchy comedy, screwball comedy
(2004) EuroTrip raunchy comedy, screwball comedy
(2004) Flight of the Phoenix (remake) survival horror
(2004) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(sequel) family
(2004) Hellboy comic book superhero
(2004) I, Robot science fiction, murder mystery
(2004) Kill Bill: Volume 2(sequel) revenge
(2004) Man on Fire (remake) revenge
(2004) National Treasure family
(2004) Ocean's Twelve(sequel) heist
(2004) Resident Evil: Apocalypse(sequel) video game
(2004) Shaun of the Dead parody: Dawn of the Dead
(2004) Shrek 2(sequel) parody: fairy tales, Disney movies, American pop culture
(2004) Spider-Man 2(sequel) comic book superhero
(2004) Suspect Zero serial killer
(2004) Taking Lives serial killer
(2004) Team America: World Police parody: the War on Terror
(2004) The Bourne Supremacy(sequel) assassin
(2004) The Butterfly Effect fantasy, time travel
(2004) The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury(sequel) science fiction, superhero
(2004) The Chronicles of Riddick(sequel) science fiction, superhero
(2004) The Manchurian Candidate (remake) psychological thriller, political thriller
(2004) The Passion of the Christ biopic: Jesus Christ
(2004) The Village horror
(2004) Van Helsing tribute to classic horror movies
(2005) Aeon Flux science fiction, superhero
(2005) A History of Violence revenge
(2005) Batman Begins(reboot) comic book superhero
(2005) Doom video game
(2005) Fantastic Four comic book superhero
(2005) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (sequel to video game) video game
(2005) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire(sequel) fantasy
(2005) Land of the Dead zombie
(2005) Madagascar nature comedy
(2005) Racing Stripes family
(2005) Sahara historical drama
(2005) Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith(prequel) science fiction
(2005) The 40 Year Old Virgin raunchy comedy, romantic comedy
(2005) The Constant Gardener historical drama, forbidden romance
(2005) The Pacifier family
(2005) The Protector martial arts
(2005) Unleashed martial arts
(2005) V for Vendetta comic book superhero
(2006) 300 biopic: Sparta versus Persia
(2006) Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas raunchy comedy, romantic comedy
(2006) Blood Diamond historical drama
(2006) Casino Royale(sequel) spy
(2006) Fearless biopic: martial arts
(2006) Ice Age: The Meltdown(sequel) family, science fiction, nature comedy
(2006) Inside Man heist
(2006) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest(sequel) comedic horror
(2006) Underworld: Evolution(sequel) fantasy, superhero
(2007) Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer(sequel) comic book superhero
(2007) Halloween (remake) tribute to classic slasher movie
(2007) Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix(sequel) fantasy
(2007) I Am Legend (remake) science fiction, medical mystery
(2007) Hot Fuzz parody: cop thrillers
(2007) Music and Lyrics romantic comedy
(2007) Ocean's Thirteen(sequel) heist
(2007) Paranormal Activity horror
(2007) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End(sequel) comedic horror
(2007) Resident Evil: Extinction(sequel) video game
(2007) Run, Fatboy, Run raunchy comedy, romantic comedy
(2007) The Bourne Ultimatum(sequel) assassin
(2008) Changeling biopic: kidnapping
(2008) Cloverfield science fiction, survival horror
(2008) Gran Torino revenge
(2008) Ip Man biopic: martial arts
(2008) Iron Man comic book superhero
(2008) Punisher: War Zone(remake) comic book superhero
(2008) Quantum of Solace(sequel) spy
(2008) Taken kidnapping
(2008) The Dark Knight(sequel) comic book superhero
(2008) The Happening horror
(2008) The Incredible Hulk(sequel) comic book superhero
(2008) Tropic Thunder raunchy comedy, Hollywood comedy
(2008) Vantage Point murder mystery, psychological thriller
(2009) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince(sequel) fantasy
(2009) Moon science fiction, futuristic
(2009) Pandorum science fiction, survival horror
(2009) Sherlock Holmes historical drama, superhero
(2009) Terminator: Salvation(sequel) science fiction, time travel
(2009) Underworld: Rise of the Lycan(prequel) fantasy, superhero
(2009) X-Men Origins: Wolverine(prequel) comic book superhero
(2009) Zombieland zombie, screwball comedy
(2010) Inception science fiction, psychological thriller
(2010) Iron Man 2(sequel) comic book superhero
(2010) Knight and Day spy, screwball comedy
(2010) R.E.D. tribute to spy movies
(2010) Secretariat biopic: sports
(2010) The Crazies (remake) zombie
(2010) The Expendables mercenary drama
(2010) The Ward horror
(2010) Toy Story 3(sequel) family
(2011) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows(sequel) historical drama, superhero
(2011) Captain America: The First Avenger(sequel) comic book superhero
(2011) Horrible Bosses raunchy comedy, screwball comedy
(2011) Limitless medical mystery
(2011) Sanctum natural disaster
(2011) The Cabin in the Woods tribute to classic horror movies
(2011) Thor(sequel) comic book superhero
(2011) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy spy
(2012) Prometheus(prequel) science fiction, alien
(2012) Resident Evil: Retribution(sequel) video game
(2012) Taken 2(sequel) kidnapping
(2012) The Avengers(sequel) comic book superhero
(2012) Underworld: Awakening(sequel) fantasy, superhero
(2013) Europa Report science fiction, space exploration
(2013) Gravity science fiction, space exploration
(2013) Iron Man 3(sequel) comic book superhero
(2013) Jobs biopic: innovator
(2013) The Wolverine(sequel) comic book superhero
(2013) The World's End parody: apocalypse movies
(2013) Thor: The Dark World(sequel) comic book superhero
(2014) Captain America: The Winter Soldier(sequel) comic book superhero
(2014) Guardians of the Galaxy(sequel) comic book superhero
(2014) Lucy science fiction, superhero
(2015) Avengers: Age of Ultron(sequel) comic book superhero
(2015) Ant-Man(sequel) comic book superhero
(2015) Spectre(sequel) spy
(2015) Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens(sequel) science fiction
(2016) Deadpool(spin-off sequel) comic book superhero
(2016) Doctor Strange(sequel) comic book superhero
(2016) Kill Command science fiction, survival horror
(2016) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(prequel) science fiction
(2016) Split(sequel) kidnapping
(2016) Train to Busan zombie
(2017) Justice League(sequel) comic book superhero
(2017) Logan(sequel) comic book superhero
(2017) Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2(sequel) comic book superhero
(2018) Ant-Man and the Wasp(sequel) comic book superhero
(2018) Aquaman (sequel) comic book superhero
(2018) Avengers: Infinity War(sequel) comic book superhero
(2018) Black Panther(sequel) comic book superhero
(2018) Deadpool 2(sequel) comic book superhero
(2018) The Nun (prequel) horror
(2019) Captain Marvel(sequel) comic book superhero
(2019) Alita: Battle Angel comic book superhero