My Favorite Movies by Genre: Comedy

My Favorite Movies by Genre


(1963) McLintock! western, marriage
(1971) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory family
(1974) Blazing Saddles parody: westerns
(1974) Young Frankenstein parody: classic Frankenstein movie
(1975) Monty Python and the Holy Grail parody: medieval Europe and the legends of King Arthur
(1978) Animal House college comedy
(1980) Airplane! parody: current events
(1980) Caddyshack parody: golf
(1983) Trading Places comedy
(1984) Beverly Hills Cop cop comedy
(1984) Ghostbusters science fiction, comedy
(1985) Back to the Future science fiction, time travel
(1985) Silverado western, revenge
(1986) Short Circuit family
(1986) The Money Pit marriage comedy
(1987) Overboard romantic comedy
(1987) RoboCop science fiction, superhero
(1987) Spaceballs parody: science fiction
(1987) The Princess Bride fantasy, forbidden romance
(1987) Three Men and a Baby family
(1988) Coming to America romantic comedy
(1988) Ernest Saves Christmas family
(1988) Scrooged Christmas comedy
(1988) Short Circuit 2(sequel) family
(1988) Twins comedy
(1989) Back to the Future: Part II(sequel) science fiction, time travel
(1989) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure science fiction, time travel
(1989) Ghostbusters II(sequel) science fiction, comedy
(1989) Honey, I Shrunk the Kids family
(1989) Look Who's Talking romantic comedy
(1989) Tango & Cash cop comedy
(1989) Turner & Hooch pet comedy
(1990) Another 48 Hrs.(sequel) cop comedy
(1990) Back to the Future: Part III(sequel) science fiction, time travel
(1990) Home Alone family
(1990) Joe versus the Volcano romantic comedy
(1990) Kindergarten Cop cop comedy
(1990) Mr. Destiny fantasy, comedy
(1990) Pretty Woman romantic comedy
(1990) RoboCop 2(sequel) science fiction, superhero
(1990) Three Men and a Little Lady(sequel) family
(1991) Doc Hollywood romantic comedy
(1991) Hook (sequel) fantasy
(1991) Hot Shots! parody: action movies
(1991) The Addams Family family
(1991) What About Bob? screwball comedy
(1992) Beethoven family
(1992) Buffy the Vampire Slayer fantasy, superhero
(1992) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York(sequel) family
(1992) Honey, I Blew up the Kid(sequel) family
(1992) Sister Act comedy, witness protection
(1992) The Distinguished Gentleman political comedy
(1992) The Mighty Ducks family
(1992) Wayne's World screwball comedy
(1993) Addams Family Values(sequel) fantasy, dark comedy
(1993) Beethoven's 2nd(sequel) family
(1993) Cool Runnings sports, inspirational
(1993) Dave political comedy, romantic comedy
(1993) Dennis the Menace family
(1993) Groundhog Day fantasy, screwball comedy
(1993) Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey family
(1993) Hot Shots! Part Deux(sequel) parody: action movies
(1993) Last Action Hero fantasy, superhero
(1993) RoboCop 3(sequel) science fiction, superhero
(1993) The Nightmare Before Christmas family
(1993) The Three Musketeers comedy, historical drama
(1993) Wayne's World 2(sequel) screwball comedy
(1994) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective screwball comedy
(1994) Angels in the Outfield family
(1994) Blankman parody: Batman
(1994) D2: The Mighty Ducks(sequel) family
(1994) Guarding Tess political comedy
(1994) Pulp Fiction historical drama
(1994) Renaissance Man military comedy, inspirational
(1994) Serial Mom serial killer, dark comedy
(1994) The Chase fugitive, screwball comedy
(1994) The Mask fantasy, superhero
(1994) The Santa Clause family
(1994) True Lies spy, screwball comedy
(1995) Bad Boys cop thriller
(1995) Clueless teen comedy
(1995) Desperado revenge
(1995) Dracula: Dead and Loving It parody: Bram Stoker's Dracula
(1995) Houseguest family
(1995) Jumanji fantasy, screwball comedy
(1995) Tommy Boy screwball comedy
(1995) Toy Story family
(1996) Black Sheep screwball comedy
(1996) Down Periscope military comedy, screwball comedy
(1996) Dragonheart fantasy, superhero
(1996) Escape from L.A.(sequel) science fiction, dystopia
(1996) Happy Gilmore sports, screwball comedy
(1996) Mars Attacks! parody: Independence Day
(1996) Space Jam family, fantasy, sports
(1997) As Good as It Gets forbidden romance, dark comedy
(1997) Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery parody: James Bond movies
(1997) Con Air hostage
(1997) Fools Rush In romantic comedy
(1997) George of the Jungle romantic comedy
(1997) Liar Liar fantasy, screwball comedy
(1997) Men in Black comic book superhero
(1998) Dr. Dolittle fantasy, screwball comedy
(1998) Rush Hour martial arts
(1998) Small Soldiers science fiction, dark comedy
(1998) The Big Lebowski dark comedy
(1998) The Parent Trap (remake) family
(1998) The Waterboy sports, screwball comedy
(1998) The Wedding Singer romantic comedy
(1999) American Pie raunchy comedy, teen comedy
(1999) Analyze This gangster comedy
(1999) Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me(sequel) parody: James Bond movies
(1999) Blast from the Past romantic comedy
(1999) Blue Streak heist, cop comedy
(1999) Bowfinger Hollywood comedy
(1999) Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo raunchy comedy, screwball comedy
(1999) Galaxy Quest parody: Star Trek
(1999) Office Space workplace comedy, screwball comedy
(1999) Payback revenge
(1999) Toy Story 2(sequel) family
(2000) Charlie's Angels (remake) screwball comedy, superhero
(2000) Me, Myself, and Irene romantic comedy
(2000) O Brother, Where Art Thou? historical drama, dark comedy
(2000) Snatch heist, screwball comedy
(2000) Space Cowboys space exploration, comedy
(2000) The 6th Day science fiction, survival horror
(2000) The Family Man romantic comedy
(2000) The Whole Nine Yards gangster comedy
(2000) What Women Want romantic comedy
(2001) A Knight's Tale romantic comedy
(2001) Down to Earth romantic comedy
(2001) Joe Dirt romantic comedy
(2001) Joe Somebody romantic comedy
(2001) K-Pax medical mystery
(2001) Monsters, Inc. family
(2001) Not Another Teen Movie parody: teen comedies
(2001) Rush Hour 2(sequel) martial arts
(2001) Shrek parody: fairy tales, Disney movies, American pop culture
(2001) Super Troopers raunchy comedy, cop comedy
(2002) Austin Powers in Goldmember(sequel) parody: James Bond movies
(2002) Big Trouble romantic comedy
(2002) Death to Smoochy dark comedy, screwball comedy
(2002) Ice Age family, science fiction, nature comedy
(2002) S1m0ne science fiction, Hollywood comedy
(2002) Sweet Home Alabama romantic comedy
(2002) The Santa Clause 2(sequel) family
(2002) Van Wilder raunchy comedy, college comedy
(2003) Anger Management romantic comedy
(2003) Bad Boys II(sequel) cop thriller
(2003) Finding Nemo family
(2003) Old School raunchy comedy, college comedy
(2003) View from the Top inspirational, comedy
(2004) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story raunchy comedy, screwball comedy
(2004) EuroTrip raunchy comedy, screwball comedy
(2004) Shaun of the Dead parody: Dawn of the Dead
(2004) Shrek 2(sequel) parody: fairy tales, Disney movies, American pop culture
(2004) Team America: World Police parody: the War on Terror
(2005) Madagascar nature comedy
(2005) Racing Stripes family
(2005) The 40 Year Old Virgin raunchy comedy, romantic comedy
(2005) The Pacifier family
(2006) Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas raunchy comedy, romantic comedy
(2006) Ice Age: The Meltdown(sequel) family, science fiction, nature comedy
(2007) Hot Fuzz parody: cop thrillers
(2007) Music and Lyrics romantic comedy
(2007) Run, Fat Boy, Run raunchy comedy, romantic comedy
(2008) Tropic Thunder raunchy comedy, Hollywood comedy
(2009) Zombieland zombie, screwball comedy
(2010) Knight and Day spy, screwball comedy
(2010) R.E.D. tribute to spy movies
(2010) Toy Story 3(sequel) family
(2011) Horrible Bosses raunchy comedy, screwball comedy