My Favorite Movies by Genre: Forbidden Romance

My Favorite Movies by Genre

Forbidden Romance

(1976) Logan's Run science fiction, post-apocalyptic
(1987) The Princess Bride fantasy, forbidden romance
(1991) Sleeping with the Enemy marriage: abuse
(1992) Basic Instinct murder mystery, psychological thriller
(1994) Color of Night murder mystery, psychological thriller
(1995) 12 Monkeys science fiction, time travel
(1995) The American President political drama, forbidden romance
(1996) Romeo + Juliet shakespeare play
(1997) Conspiracy Theory political thriller
(1997) The Saint science fiction, superhero
(1999) Entrapment heist, forbidden romance
(1999) Sunshine Holocaust drama
(1999) The Thomas Crown Affair heist, forbidden romance
(2000) Romeo Must Die martial arts
(2001) Donnie Darko psychological thriller, dark comedy
(2001) From Hell serial killer, historical drama
(2001) Vanilla Sky psychological thriller, forbidden romance
(2002) The Count of Monte Cristo revenge
(2002) The Scorpion King(prequel) comedic horror
(2002) The Time Machine science fiction, forbidden romance
(2003) Cold Mountain Civil War drama
(2003) Open Range western, revenge
(2003) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl comedic horror
(2003) Underworld(greatest romance ever made.) fantasy, superhero
(2004) The Butterfly Effect fantasy, time travel
(2005) Aeon Flux science fiction, superhero
(2005) The Constant Gardener historical drama, forbidden romance